Mitsuki Chinatsu Ayane Hina Kanon ???


Age: 15
Birthday: 30th of July
Height: 155 cm

"It's always better to be together than alone !"

From a traditional family, Mitsuki Nijisaki is sparkling and full of life. As she has a pleasant type of personality, she doesn't want her kindness to get too much in the way and she loves having fun and going shopping. In her everyday life, Mitsuki enjoys being friends with Chinatsu, when she's not drawing, singing or studying, while taking care of staying away from her two little sisters who are a bit annoying and sticky. Her biggest dream is also her biggest secret: to become a successful idol !


Age: 14
Birthday: 6th of April
Height: 152 cm

"The perfect day is spending it with Mitsuki !"

Mitsuki's childhood friend, Chinatsu Taiyou, is an athletic and dynamic girl. Being an only child doesn't mean she's a loner, on the contrary: she finds a second family in Mitsuki's one. Constantly switching between bravery and recklessness, she can't stay still and spends as much time as possible with Mitsuki. But even though her best friend holds a special place in her heart, she still has hope of finding love one day, unsuccessfully at the moment.


Age: 16
Birthday: 12th of September
Height: 158 cm

"Understanding things is the real power."

The eldest of all the girls, Ayane Takamine comes from a prestigious family made of world renowned scientists, which she already honors despite her young age by having won multiple prizes in science competitions. Her childhood in Korea and Japan didn't turn her away from her heritage but rather contributed to her desire to study science and make computing her life and passion. Ayane's a rational and calm girl, subject however to short and regular surges of anger when everything doesn't work the first time. Luckily for her and her relatives, the second try is often successful.


Age: 15
Birthday: 22nd of December
Height: 160 cm

"If you want my help, I'll always be here !"

A young girl from the Japanese countryside. Hina Kiriya is a shy and reserved person. As an average but stressed out student, she often hides in studies or reading, while dreaming of encounters she'd never have the courage to make true. Hina loves her family, especially the one person who made her childhood less lonely, her big brother. Despite her shyness, she longs to make herself useful and to feel appreciated and accepted in return.


Age: 15
Birthday: 23rd of January
Height: 154 cm

"Why bother trying to be the best when you already are ?"

Kanon Kurokawa, born in the United States from an American mother and a Japanese father, is a young girl who seems calm and pretentious at first sight. As a gifted child, she spent her youth succeeding in everything she accomplished with ease. Rich, an only child and overlooked by her parents because of their amount of work, Kanon enjoys being the best out of everyone and provoking the admiration of her peers everywhere she goes. Popular at school, she's often approached by others wanting to be her friends. However, she can't count on any deep relationship.


Foreign to the group of friends, a mysterious stranger the girls ran across during an adventure in the Magical Dimension. Goals, identity and intentions of this girl are a few of the many questions that remain without answer. One thing that can be said is it's impossible to perceive her thoughts on her apathetic face.